Thursday, September 24, 2015

JPact, trundling towards an MVP

Simply put, consumer driven contracts are awesome. The ability to specify, control and version their interactions between a client and server is nothing less than godly. My only real problem is with the current implementations.

I'm not a big fan of them being client driven, mostly because I'm happiest in a collaborative setting. Lets agree a contract and work from there. If both client and server stick to the contract then happy days.

Which is why I started writing jPact. jPact is pretty close to a client driven contract framework without the client driven part. Everything starts with the contract, a JSON file specifying an interaction between client and server. If everyone does their job, both client and server behave exactly as laid out in the pact file.

The code isn't in a massively working state. but its slowly trundling towards a minimal viable testing product. I suppose i'd better do some more work.

Anywho : heres the source so far if anyone's interested

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