Thursday, April 28, 2016

I'm not the first person to have this problem

I'm going to try to post once a week to document what I'm doing with contract and anything else that happens to cross my mind ...... 

And because these blog posts look better with at least one photo.

Surely I'm not the first person to have this problem ???

This question has saved me more wasted effort and wheel re-inventing than any other. The ability to sit back, look at a problem and acknowledge the fact that people have come before us and that there is something to be learned from them. There's no place were this is truer than the software development industry. So, the next time you go to put finger to keyboard say to yourself "Am I the first person to have this problem??"  Often the answer is no. There's something we can reuse to make our lives a little easier. Then we can concentrate on the truly cool stuff we can build. 

How did we end up like this?? I can only speak for myself. I blame my college education. I'm not speaking ill of the Dublin Institute of Technology, they did a fantastic job of educating me. In college we were taught to do everything from scratch. You need something sorted, you wrote quick sort yourself, arrays we're used for everything and an IDE was the work of the devil. You leave college and you're presented with Java Collections and wonder why you were never taught about them. But that old mentality of 'Do everything yourself' was still there. So every chance you get. Ask yourself that one simple question and see where it leads you. 

Hows contract going?
Grand, ticking over nicely. I spent the weekend hardening my Jenkins pipeline to maven central (it was a little flaky, still is, the kvServer tests are a nightmare to run well), added the ability to handle current timestamps (it was an early feature request for servers that return the time a request was processed at). Allowing for bodies to be specified in native json as opposed to escaped strings. 

I'm going to aim to release once a week, lets see how that goes. 

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